Thursday, September 6, 2012

The land of Caroline

Back by popular demand...

We are rocking along here in the land of Caroline.  Every time I look at her she seems to be growing bigger and doing more than she did the last time I looked at her.  She smiles randomly... of course I haven't caught it on camera yet but there seems to be a theme of smiles and poop coinciding.  We were having major spit up/reflux issues but I took her to her peditrician and we have changed formula.  The issue has all but gone away but unfortunately having a thicker formula creates other issues... I'll let you guess what those are.

Tom is working and the girls are back in school starting their 4th and 6th grade years.  OH how I don't envy Mikayla and the mighty middle school experience.  They will be here this weekend.

I decided to take advantage of the WIC program... after all of this time not utilizing it.  It is amazing!  We will recieve 10 cans of formula a month which will save us so much money.  The can's of formula are around $17 each and after having to pay for her special preemie formula since she came home we needed help!  The program helps support breast feeding and making sure that our little ones are getting what they need.  I am somewhat prideful and don't want to take advantage of the system so to speak but this really is an amazing benefit for moms.

On September 22nd we have our first NICU reunion.  I can't wait to see other preemie moms and babies!  I love connecting with them to share stories and experiences.  There really is no journey quite like this.  I have come to terms with Caroline being called tiny.  LOL she is kinda little but she's getting so big now!  She was 8.5lbs at her Dr. appointment last week... and almost 9 at her WIC appointment!

Aunt Hailey did a photo shoot with my itty bitty... We had a ton of fun!  Here are two preview shots!

I just wanted everyone to know that I did in fact delete my facebook... not for any particular reason or person but I want to focus on some other things for now but mainly needed a break from it.  It can consume you and sometimes makes it a little too easy for people to have a glance into your life with out actually taking the time to really know or care what is going on and only see what facebook tells you.  I just wanted to be a little more private with things and will eventually start it back up but I felt it was the best move for me for now.

I will do better to blog more often.  I know that Caroline has a huge support group out there.  She's an amazing blessing and continues to touch the lives of so many people.  God gave us such an amazing gift.  More soon.

Casey, Tom and Our Sweet Caroline

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  1. She will be spoiled rotten by her photographer aunt!